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Advanced Robotics


Do you have previous experience building multiple types of LEGO EV3 robots that use multiple sensors and program unique robots that do your bidding? Do you enjoy challenging yourself to figure out a new ways to create LEGO robots that do what you want in fun new ways such as climbing stairs or placing objects in different locations within a maze? Are you looking for more of a challenge and desire to work with others to see what may be possible when you create and build robots with similar challenges to work together to complete tasks? By collaborating, creating, designing, and programming a robot that can work together with another robot we hope to expand your knowledge and ideas about what is possible in a fun engaging way.

July 16th - 19th
Open To Ages 10 - 15
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cost: $60
Class Limit: 15 Participants

INSTRUCTOR: Laura Ericson & Jennifer Rockwell

LOCATION: Swain Hall 110